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Gay parents the best parents? You betcha!

You gotta love this article on how gay parents bring unique and complementary parenting strengths to relationships, resulting in a positive, loving, supporting home life for kids.

Read on and celebrate the public acknowledgement that gay parents are not hurting their kids one bit! Take that, haters!

Flash Mob Protests At Bachman’s Reparative Therapy Center

After Michelle Bachman stated she thought homosexuals were “barbarians” that needed to be “disciplined”, this Minneapolis pro gay rights group dressed as barbarians and protested (peacefully) outside Bachman’s reparative therapy center. They danced to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” and sprinkled glitter, and then chanted “I was born this way.”

You can see the video here.

Always glad to see celebrities coming out to support anti-bullying campaign

Yay Kristy McNichol! We appreciate you coming out publicly!

If you don’t know who Kristy McNicol is, she starred in “Family” and “Empty Nest”. She has lived with her partner for about twenty years now.