Is Conversion Therapy Linked to Radical Religion?

I come from a background of radical religion. As a result, I’ve found myself drawn to stories of people who have also immersed themselves in radical religion. This interest of mine has led me into the world of religious LGBT community, and also to the topic of conversion therapy, in which gay men and women try to change or suppress their sexual orientation. This is usually done to “please God.”

My research led me to discover an expert in this field: Jallen Rix, sexologist and author of Ex-Gay No Way.

Dr. Rix is also interested in the root cause of what motivates a person to try to change something so integral and personal as sexual orientation. He was a part of the ex-gay movement, and now works as a sex therapist.

Dr. Rix has recently conducted a survey, asking people who engaged in conversion therapy why they tried to change their sexual orientation. His survey results are fascinating.

One of the main conclusions Dr. Rix made from his survey was this: most people who try to change their sexual orientation do so for religious reasons. They believe they will not be loved or accepted (by God and/or a religious community) if they do not suppress their sexuality or change from gay to straight. You can read about this here on the conclusions page of his survey results.

As I work on my books about conversion therapy, I am using information from researchers like Dr. Rix. Keep following me to discover what other experts in this field have to say on the subject.

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