What is RainbowRights.net all about?

RainbowRights.net is a website devoted to LGBT rights.

Our primary focus is gay-friendly news and the recording of research findings as freelance writer Rachel Mork writes a book on the damaging effects of conversion therapy.

We are also devoted to providing resources to help support LGBT teens and adults who are dealing with oppression, unsupportive home situations, hate crimes, and other emotional distress related to societal lack of tolerance.

Teen gay support

Providing Gay Support

About Rachel Mork, the owner of RainbowRights.net

I am a freelance writer. I’m currently working on two books, one fiction and one non-fiction, both of which are about the plight of gay men who were raised in radically religious environments.

My novel, titled Sky of Bronze, is a fictional account of a man who goes to a residential therapy center as part of his (unsuccessful) attempt to change his sexual orientation. The story explores gay and trans experiences and is based on the true stories I have heard while interviewing men who endured conversion therapy. It also exposes how societal pressure to deny sexual orientation affects the wives and children of the men who take on a beard (get married) in an attempt to de-gay themselves.
My nonfiction book, titled Abomination, is a collection of true stories of men and women who have undergone radical religious therapy (conversion therapy, reparative therapy, religious counseling aimed at suppressing or changing sexual orientation.)

If you have undergone such therapy and would like to contribute to the book (anonymously or not), please contact me at Rachel at tekspire dot com. (That’s my email address, written out in a form that will hopefully discourage a million bots from sending me spam!)

If you have something to contribute to this cause or either story, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!